Your To-Do List

Artists, here are some details for the upcoming Hang in There exhibition:

  1. The show opens on June 17, and stays open through July 2, 2011.
  2. Install can begin as early as June 5. You can either: drop your piece off (available drop-off times to come), ship it to us (Jason Lazarus c/o Deitch Pharmacy, 1800 w Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622), or schedule a pick-up time (Curatorial Asst. Alex Schmidt will come + get it.)
  3. If you want to be considered for the zine-catalogue, submit your material by May 23.
  4. Please send information on your piece to Corinna Kirsch ( ASAP so she can start thinking/writing about your work for her essay. The more you can give her the better, even if it’s preliminary, you should all start a dialogue with her
  5. Is your work for sale?  – Co-Prosperity will take 35%.
  6. Do you have any computer/av requirements? *We need to know these ASAP, thanks!*
  7. Are you coming to town? Do you need a place to stay? We may have a few options let us know also asap
  8. Last, if you are contributing to the zine-catalogue, let us know if you prefer to have 1 or 2 pages asap as well
We are also doing a fundraiser for shipping/zine-catalogue expenses at Maria’s in Bridgeport sometime between June 7, 8, or 9, waiting to get a confirmation.  Alex Schmidt and I will be DJing and dancing will be rampant.
Cheers, Jason and Alexandra
PS: We’ve already started receiving artworks! Keep it coming!
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One Response to Your To-Do List

  1. hangintherejune17 says:

    we’ve already started receiving artwork! keep it coming!

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