the windows are taken!

Hey Jason, it’s Adi.

Geez, Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you on the window idea.   I’m going crazy over here (art directing a show at the Moca for Michel Gondry, what the hell am I doing!?)
So, here’s my idea:  I want to bring the most exciting thing about film-making to this art show: Collaboration, beautiful colors, friends viewing moving images together in a dark room, and in-camera special effects.  If you guys haven’t see the work I’ve been doing lately, You can see my reel here.
I’d like to put on “adventure” films in one of the front windows with my great friend and collaborator, Jimmy Marble.  We would act out, every hour, a short “motivational adventure film” to an audience sitting outside on chairs.  Handmade special effects, props and costumes would be included.
Guns firing bread-flour, holi powder, a fake ocean, technicolora fake solar system and a star filled sky built out of paper are some ideas swimming in my head.
Can we do it?
Also, check out our film collective’s site here, to get a better idea of what we’re thinking.
Let me know what you think.
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