welcome to hang in there!


welcome to the exhibition blog!

we will be doing updates here and keep handy info on the show here for your reference…

exhibition email:  hangintherejune18@gmail.com, accessible by me and alexandra schmidt, the curatorial assistant (also an artist, thinker, tornado)

please send us any ideas, images, text specific to your ideas or the exhibition in general and we can add them to the blog.

i’ll reiterate her corinna kirsch’s request for collaboration.  she’ll be contributing a curatorial essay for the zine/catalogue.  learn more about her at corinnakirsch.com:

I’m so sorry about the mass email, but I just wanted to see if anyone is interested in collaborating with me on an essay for the zinecatologue (zinecat?). This could be anything from working together to produce a quasi-motivational essay, putting together a text and image essay, or writing about your work. Or we come up with a list of motivational advice tips for the artworld to distribute or hang up during the exhibition.

In case we’ve never met, I’m a writer (for the most part). I write about everything serious and not so serious, from sexting to the readymade; I like collaborating with other people because you know, it’s good motivation.

i’ll also be contributing a curatorial essay, thoughts of which pop in all the time, so maybe i’ll post tidbits here, parts of which will be amalgamated into a more formal essay:

one of my personal philosophies of being an artist is that whenever i really respond to something i’ve seen/heard i make an effort to share my enthusiasm/observations with the artist.  likewise, whenever i’ve gotten feedback, especially positive feedback, i’ve found it seems to multiply in its motivational effect on me.  in short, i try to consistently spin the karma wheel.  this has created many situations when i am tapping on shoulders, pulling on shirt tails, waiting in line, pushing my way up front, etc to start a conversation.  when i went to engage hal foster after a talk he gave at the art institute, he looked bored and pained.  sorry hal.  other times this has turned into a friendship–as with jan tichy, who not only is in the exhibition, but has a pretty amazing installation project up right now in cabrini green.  click on video in order to watch a live feed of his install.

one other artist in the show, shreya sethi, is a current student of mine at saic.  her inclusion in the show is in line with another part of my curatorial philosophy to actively curate artists in group exhibitions that span a continuum of experience (she’s  21).  this span of experience seems to be highly generative, another overlooked take on the riches of diversity.  shreya will be in a group exhibition at the gene siskel gallery/cafe that opens this friday…


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